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Safety Systems

Fire Hydrant System

A fire hydrant is an above-ground connection that provides access to a water supply for the purpose of fighting fires. It helps in protecting the building by simply making control on fire during an emergency. 

Medium Velocity Water Spray System

Fires involving liquids with flash points below 32°C cannot  be extinguished by high velocity water spray system, and in such cases medium velocity water  sprayers giving medium water drop sizes are used.

High Velocity Water Spray System

High velocity water spray system has been designed to extinguish oil fires. It introduces an entirely new principle in fire extinguishing. It’s commonly used to safeguard flammable liquid and gas storage tanks, pipes, pumping equipment, and electrical equipment including transformers 

A system for extinguishing fires; water from a network of overhead pipes is released through nozzles that open automatically with the rise in temperature. Control mode sprinklers are intended to control the heat release rate of the fire to prevent building structure collapse

Fire Alarm System

A device, such as a siren, used in announcing the outbreak of a fire. The signal, especially the noise, produced by such a device

A motor control centre (MCC) is a collection of one or more enclosed sections connected by a common power bus and housing primarily motor control units.

Smoke Detection System

A smoke detector is a device that detects smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. Commercial, industrial, and mass residential devices issue a signal to a fire alarm system,

A heat detector is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the convicted thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element.

Addressable Alarm System

An addressable fire alarm system is what is known as “intelligent.” This systems allow each unit or component of the fire alarm system to have its own address, where hazards and problems can be identified .

Carbon dioxide (CO2) flooding is a process whereby carbon dioxide is injected into an oil reservoir in order to increase output when extracting oil.

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