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Safety, Health & Environment Consultancy Services

EHS Trainings

  1. Training effectiveness evaluation.
  2. EHS training provider in safe Chemical handling & Management.
  3. Contractor training and contract workmen confidence building.
  4. Training in Risk assessment and risk mitigation activities.
  5. Development of Training Modules based on Risks & hazards.
  6. Training on Accident/incident/Near Miss Reporting & Investigation techniques.
  7. Training on Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Failure Mode Effect Analysis ( FMEA).
  8. Training in fire fighting and emergency evacuation.
  9. Training in process safety Management and internal auditing.

Environmental Management Assistance & Guidance

 Secure Resources, Assistance

1.Gap analysis in environmental compliances of the organization.

2.Scrutiny of existing environmental management technologies & adequacy assessment.

3.Identification of suitable & sound  environmental management. technologies to attain statutory and regulatory compliances.

4.Project implementation and orientation to employees in managing.

5.Eco friendly environmental management technologies. 

6.Comprehensive waste mapping, waste management program implementations.

EHS- legal review and compliance promotion

Regulatory Audits

  1. Legal register building.
  2. Act/Rule wise compliance mapping.
  3. Assistance Compliance Promotion.
  4. Assistance in Compliance Adequacy Attainment.

 EHS Documentation

  1. Preparation of safety check lists & audit formats.
  2. Preparation of safety manuals, SOP’s , guidelines and instructions
  3. Statutory correspondence screening and Gaps rectification.
  4. ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 complete documentation & follow-up for Implementation.

Audit, Studies and competence building

Regulatory Audits

  1. Internal audit trainings.
  2. External audits preparedness assistance and audit co-ordination.
  3. Co-ordination in audit compliance and closure of open ends.
  4. External Safety Audits of Pharma , APIs, Agrochemicals, Pesticide, Food and chemical Industries.
  5. Safety & Health Audit and Recommendations for Improvements.
    Environmental Audit and Recommendations for Improvements.
  6. Industrial Hygiene Risk assessment and recommendations.
    Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Survey.
  7. Fugitive emission Survey.
  8. HAZOPS/HAZAN/FMEA/JSA etc studies & services.
  9. Emergency Preparedness Survey & Implementation.
    Electrostatic Hazard Studies & Mitigation plan.

Other Projects

System Installation
Fire Safety Systems Design & Installation

For any Fire Safety Systems design requirements.

Fire Systems Design | Systems Installation | Turnkey Industrial Safety Projects